Sunday, July 22, 2012

A new beginning!

Welcome to our new blog dedicated to healthy eating and long life!! To view the comments click on comments.


  1. Had a healthy vegan meal last night with veggie meatballs and whole wheat spaghetti . Jenna made a delicious red velvet cake for dessert,

  2. A big thanks for starting this blog! I am working on educating myself with books like Jane Brody Good Food Cookbook (recommended to me by an interventional radiologist who spent his career inserting stents..) which is a wonderful way to learn and begin. Also, recommend Dr. Fuhrman Eat to Live, and am getting the Dr. Esselstyn book as recommended by Mariellen. I have found the latter's recipes online...a good tip was the use of protein powder, as I am unable to do soy and dairy, he recommends brown rice protein (Jarrow makes a good one with 12 mg Pro in one Tablespoon).

    What recipe did you use for your veggie meatballs....?

  3. The veggie meatballs were just ok, need to tweak or find another. Did find a website with good recipes:
    Also, Ellen Degeneres has a vegan blog:
    Am going to make sweet potato quinoa burgers hoping that they are as tasty as the one I had at Marie Catrib's cafe yesterday. I will let you know. Gained a pound, probably due to eating larger servings and more bread. Need to adjust.

  4. My recipe for eggplant meatballs is one both Norm and I love.
    I omitted the cheese as am lactose intolerant and it still was great. I use safflower oil vs olive oil (a la Fuhrman) and not so much oil as called for.
    I used it on rice and served with a big salad. Will try it next time as a meatloaf.

    Check it out at the

    Another find this week: Barilla pasta has a multi-grain Barilla Plus line which has 10-17 gms of protein per serving..a bonanza for vegans.

    My health store is out of brown rice protein but once I get it will add a TBSP to my morning cereal for morning protein.

    Thanks for the sites you referred to, will look them up. Looking forward to hearing more about your quinoa burgers.

  5. Really delicious recipe...!! Szechuan Noodles with Peanut Sauce

    12 oz pasta (linguine or similar:Best w/Barella Plus Pasta)
    1/3 cup hot water
    1/3 cup peanut butter (creamy, I think best)
    2 tsp low salt soy sauce
    2 tsp vinegar (white wine or rice)
    2 scallions finely chopped and divided
    1 tsp sugar...scant
    1/4 tsp red pepper flakes (I OMITTED)

    Cook pasta al dente, drain, set aside and keep warm. In medium bowl blend hot water, peanut butter, stir in soy sauce, vinegar, scallions (all but 1 TBLSP for garnish), sugar and if you like red pepper flakes.

    Combine with pasta and serve. Garnish with green onions which I would do next time. It did not need red pepper flakes at all. Lots of room for experimentation here. Recipe itself has 17 G protein / serving without counting the protein if you use Barella Plus pasta which is a whole lot more. 0 cholesterol and 2 G fat.

    Source: Jane Brody Good Food Cookbook

  6. Have not really had chance to cook as I have been eating leftovers and going out to eat. Did go to the health food store yesterday and bought some Red Mill protein powder you can sprinkle in or on food. 1 tbsp gives you 5 grams of protein. Will try the eggplant meatballs.

  7. On Szechuan Noodles add 2 cloves of garlic finely minced to the ingredients...

    I have been on my new vegetarian diet for two weeks and as of today have lost 4 pounds!

    Should say that every once in awhile, I do add a can of tuna fish to a recipe such as pasta with Puttanesca Sauce (Whole Foods and probably Trader Joe's if you are lucky enough to be near one have some wonderful sauces) the store bought sauce also contained a small amount of anchovies....that is the only concession I am making to my new pattern of eating. I do not lost weight easily so this is terrific. The books I am reading indicate the biggest weight loss happens during the first 2-4 goal is to lost 20 pounds..

    I also think that philosophically I feel a lot better vis a vis the way animals are processed.... and eating less meat,fowl for example, I am not ingesting the hormones and antibiotics and such that they are fed....

  8. Made the Mango Black Bean salad in the Fuhrman book. It was good and would be good with brown rice, salsa and rolled in a tortilla. Found another webste with easy recipes-

  9. now one of my favorite websites for recipes...

  10. Congrats to me...I lost the pound again.... noticing that my blood pressure is about 5 points lower (even at Dr's office). My goal is next week to break the first 5 pound barrier.

    New Delicious recipe: KATHY'S EASY BAKED BEAN DISH
    This is a good recipe for vegans in a hurry....

    -large can of vegetarian baked beans
    -small can pineapple bits (or more if you use more beans)
    I added one more can of kidney beans but you can add more of any
    kind of bean if you like for larger dish
    1- chopped onion
    1 TBSLP dry mustard

    sm amount brown sugar on top. I used a few TBLSP of Agave which I do when sugar is called for (recipe called for 1/4 c brown sugar). Very useful, a little goes a long way...

    Mix all ingredients in oven proof casserole dish, no need to cover.
    Set oven for 350 degrees. Cook 45 minutes or so.

    Delicious as main dish with salad, also with rice or fresh bread.
    Great as leftover.

    The more I cook vegan and build up my recipe repertoire it gets easier to harken back to a successful recipe. I have to remember that if it is from a website to note that on the recipe as I usually print them out storing them in a plastic sleeve in a large looseleaf notebook. I got rid of all my meat and chicken recipes- there is now plenty of room. I am also keeping a food log (trying to) noting BP and weights to track the changes.

  11. Tried the Szechwan noodles last night . Very good!

  12. Terrific- we are going to have it again this coming week.

    Just got Veganomicon (very good media reviews) in the mail as well as book by Esselstyn (Pres. Clinton follows his plan).

    Happy vegging all!

  13. Vaganomicon disappointing but Eddelsyn good..

    Here is a great recipe from Dean Ornish I have always liked and we enjoyed again today.

    Artichoke Frittata

    -2 cups liquid egg substitute (I used egg whites, you can also buy liquid egg whites).
    -1/4 cups minced parsley (had none so uses some dried)
    -1/4 cups fresh basil
    - 1 Tblsp unbleached all purpose flour
    -!/2 tsp salt
    _1/4 tsp pepper ( I use Mrs. Dash original instead of either)
    -One (10 oz) package frozen artichoke hearts, thawed/quartered (I buy the quarters)
    -3/4 cup roasted onions (I just used reg chopped yellow- you can roast in the microwave if you like))
    - 1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes (not oil packed) quartered (Do not miss this ingredient, best part)

    Preheat oven to 400 dgerees, spray 8 inch pie pan lightly with nonstick spray. Whisk together egg substitute, parsley, basil, flour, salt and pepper or Mrs. Dash. Sprinkle artichokes, onions and sundried tomatoes
    evenly over the bottom of the pan. Pour on egg mixture. Bake 25-30 minutes til center feels firm.

    fat- 0.27 g
    calories 128 (less if whites only)
    protein -16.9 g

  14. Six pounds this weekend....great! Doing well with the veggie diet. Not easy as I am lactose intolerant and my husband cannot eat asparagus or mushrooms....Am looking to try the red chocolate veggie cake recipe today. Another really great veg blog is, check out the vegetarian section. Want to try some of the grilled kale, lettuces and more soon. Find I need to sit down on Sunday afternoons to prep my menu for the week. Getting easier as I am keeping a notebook with all my menus (including source: pg. etc) so I can easily find that recipe that was so good.

  15. messed up the veg cake, made too many substitutions....that will teach me. Am going to do sweet potato/lentil soup today with a side salad.
    Will place recipe here if anyone is interested.

    Recently saw a consult for a back problem....physicians are drastically changing their diets for the better.....hmmmm. Like back in the 60's when physicians stopped smoking............