Monday, October 15, 2012

Storage Ideas

Changing to a vegetarian diet means the challenge of where to put everything
especially as buying in bulk becomes more practical and economic. 
 I have found that glass containers are better as I can readily see
what I have on hand. I am collecting glass jars
to use (have you seen how expensive store 
bought glass containers are these days?).  
As much as possible I prefer glass to plastic as I still believe that there
 is a leaching toxicity issue for long term storage.

Whole Foods has a brand of tomato sauce: Michael's of Brooklyn 
which comes in larger bottles that I like. They look good uniform, too. 
I store my quinoa and also red lentils and long grain brown rice in them. 
Cutting out the labels and tapping them on is handy. 
 I tape cooking directions on the back if needed,

Paint labels with blackboard paint and then use chalk to write on: can change dates and labels easily.
Neat site to check out.

I am still grappling with storage of fresh fruit and vegetables: 
anyone help with that?
I am scrunching them into my crispers in the 'frig. 
 Hard with bulky stuff like kale which I use a lot not for juicer drinks.

These are photos of my pantry storage.  I do not have a walk-in pantry (sigh) 
but this wall unit holds a lot. 
My spices and condiments are elsewhere: another challenge.

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