Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Starting out on the vegetarian journey requires a sense of challenge and organization.  When I first
began I would find new recipes and not make notes of where I found them.  New cookbooks, multiple websites and my own collection of recipes meant looking for them a frustrating task.

Now, I keep a notebook of the week's menu.  This is good for planning grocery lists and keeping notations of the source of each recipe .  In it I keep notes on our reviews or hints.  I am constantly returning to this notebook to quickly find what I want and where.  After some weeks and months you will have a collection of menus which are very handy indeed.  Also, one in which you can scratch what did not work.

Some years ago I started a looseleaf of favorite recipes. Each is in a plastic sleeve which allows me to remove them and place them near my cooking prep site.Also to use both sides.  Recently, I discarded all the non-vegetarian recipes and it has gone totally green.  Recipes from family and friends
are in here too.

Another new start - the arrival of the new Breville compact juicer which we will use for the first time today.  Thanks to Mariellen and Ryan for their experiences and a new recipe.

Since I am an artist, I am using some of my own bookmarks in my cookbooks which is fun.  A way to create in all kinds of ways.  Perhaps you will see some still life kitchen abstracts soon on the blog!
Another artist is seen here, too, a kitchen keepsake.  Years ago our mother made these
beautiful shiny bookmarks which are so helpful keeping cookbook pages open.
Each of her daughters treasures this memento of her talent and love.
Do you keep such memories in your kitchen?  

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